Critique of silver list photographers

I thought that the photographer Aaron Jones’ Basketball photo is a little off. There is a saturation of objects along the bottom of the photo which is kind of unpleasant. the photo is going for a type of shape but to my knowledge it looks random. While the photo is good the composition itself is just a little off in my opinion.

one critique I would offer would be to shape the image into something basketball related. And highlight the player more and make him more pronounced. I like the photo, but it could have been a lot better. AARON JONES


Visually there isn’t a lot going on in William Camargo’s picture. The poster is in the center of the frame but everything else seems dull including the poster. the lighting seems to fluctuate throughout the photo which isn’t bad, but I think it adds to the dullness of the photo. The combination of a dull setting and object kind of doesn’t work for me.

One critique I’d have for William Camargo would be to have stable lighting. edit the photo to make the subject pop more. And touch up the background a little bit more to  really make the picture pop.

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