Each image is a representation of all my favorite things and games. From all sorts of franchises like Zelda, Dragonball, Halo, Naruto, JOJO’s, DOOM, and Pokémon. Each and everyone of these games are important to me. They all serve as a reminder of what to strive for.

When I was younger they were just mindless games to take my mind off things. To distract myself from all my problems. But as I matured I got more invested in the story and the world building of a game. It really changed my views on the artform. It was really enlightening.

Games like Pokémon have a deep meaning to me. the were the first games I was able to play. Growing up I was poor and we didn’t have a lot of money. but on Christmas of 2008 my parents scrapped up enough money to buy me a game boy and a copy of Pokémon ruby. It was really important to me.

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