1. Automatic Mode-Camera automatically adjust based on the cameras judgment of the environment.
  2. Portrait Mode- Camera is set to a large aperture so the background is toned out and the subject is the main focus.
  3. Macro Mode- allows the picture to be closer to the subject.
  4. Landscape Mode- Camera is set to a smaller aperture So everything is in focus and not just the subject.
  5. Sports Mode- This camera mode is designed to capture moving object or people by increasing the shutter speed.
  6. Night Mode- Sets the camera to a low shutter speed to capture detail, and this mode is best used in low light situations.
  7. Movie Mode- Captures Video and sound Notably worse then a regular image.
  8. Panoramic Mode- For taking shots of panoramic scene to be joined together.
  9. Snow Mode- To help with Bright lighting reflecting off snow.
  10.  Fireworks Mode- For capturing photos of fireworks
  11. Kids/pets Mode- Camera mode is used to capture fast moving objects, speeds up shutter speed and reduces shutter lag.
  12. Underwater Mode- Camera mode increases a set level of saturation.
  13. Beach Mode- Allows the capture of A bright scene.
  14. Indoor Mode- Camera mode helps with white balancing and shutter speed.
  15. Foliage Mode- Increases a set level of saturation to make colors bold.
  16. Semiautomatic Modes- Consists of Aperture, Shutter, and Program Mode
  17. Aperture Priority Mode- Camera adjust settings according to the set aperture. The camera will check for exposure and adjust accordingly. works well to capture depth of field.
  18. Shutter Priority Mode-Camera adjust settings according to the set Shutter speed. Works well to capture moving objects.
  19. Program Mode- Similar to Auto mode but It gives more control over flash, white balancing, iso, etc.
  20. Manual Mode- You have full control over every basic setting on the camera. The camera will not adjust the settings for you.

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