1.  Every DSLR system offer a wide range of lenses to choose from.
  2.  A fisheye lens is capable of capturing 180 degree views.
  3.  There are many lenses that a photographer can choose from depending on his taste.
  4.  In order to get the proper lens you need to asses the scenario for the photo.
  5.   Many manufactures offer a wide range of lenses at different price ranges.
  6.  Sport photography doesn’t require wide lenses.
  7.  sport photography is best shot with smaller lenses with high shutter speed.
  8.  Standard lenses come fitted with a range of up to 85mm
  9.  Standard Zoom lenses come fitted with a range of up to 105mm
  10.  Prime lenses are lenses that are one focal length
  11.  Telephoto zoom allows a photographer to take pictures from a father distance
  12.  Telephoto zoom is a safer way for war photographers to capture the moment.
  13. Telephoto lenses compress distance to achieve an up close look in the photo
  14.  in order to capture moving persons or objects your shutter speed needs to be fast.
  15.  Photographers can photograph a wide range of objects thanks to lenses.
  16.  there is a lens called a macro lens which is used to capture tiny object
  17.  There are lenses for almost every scenario you would need one for.
  18.  Photography is all about perspective
  19.  Lenses are just one of many tools that photographers use to capture photos
  20. The photographer is ultimately the most important aspect of any photo.

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