This photo is a representation of both of my cultural heritages. It represents my more southern roots and my Hispanic roots. The boots represent my family on both sides they used to be hard working people that helped build my family to what it is today. The hat represent my southern roots more obviously. Our family had moved to Georgia from Norway around the 1870’s so our family struggled for awhile and that hat is a perfect representation of what my family had to adapt to. the brief case is another representation of that, but it applies to both sides of my family. It represents how my family had to move here so that there families could thrive in better conditions. My mom moved here when she was young so she could have better living conditions growing up. The guitar Represents what my grandpa had to do to make money when he first arrived in America. He had to become a musician to make money for my mom and her sisters to live. He would travel a lot and didn’t spend a lot of time home. so the suitcase is also representative of that as well. If you look at the picture You will see that most of the items are worn and faded. That is a good way to show and express the true roots of my family, and what it took to get where I am. If It weren’t for my grandparents moving here with my mom. or my great great grandparents moving here with their children I wouldn’t have the life I have today. And for that reason I am thankful to all that have raised my and worked hard for me because without them I wouldn’t have what I have today. Thank you for your time.

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  1. I really like the concept and idea. What the photo needs to make it really good is better quality of lighting. It might have been better lighting in the sunny part of the image. Good job Dom, creating a conceptual self portrait.

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