Critique of silver list photographers

I thought that the photographer Aaron Jones’ Basketball photo is a little off. There is a saturation of objects along the bottom of the photo which is kind of unpleasant. the photo is going for a type of shape but to my knowledge it looks random. While the photo is good the composition itself is […]

Read and Reflect

After reading the article I can see that there are many upsides to be a professional photographer. Photography right now is in demand on the market, people want to put out photos that are high quality. Being a freelance photographer allows for you to be your own boss and work your own times. If I […]


     Each image is a representation of all my favorite things and games. From all sorts of franchises like Zelda, Dragonball, Halo, Naruto, JOJO’s, DOOM, and Pokémon. Each and everyone of these games are important to me. They all serve as a reminder of what to strive for. When I was younger they were […]


Jerry Uelsman Has a very unique style of photography. He is a surreal photographer and a very importanat one at that. He chooses to photograph in black and white. As a surrealism photographer he is able to accomplish such impeccable photos that are familiar to me but at the same time dethatched from reality. His […]